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Next introduces ‘in-between’ jeans for women who are stuck between two sizes


Next introduces ‘in-between’ jeans for women who are stuck between two sizes

Next introduces ‘in-between’ jeans for women who are stuck between two sizes

Jeans shopping, it’s right up there with swimsuit shopping and hair removal on the pleasure scale. And while head-to-toe denim used to be reserved for farmers and gold diggers (the 1849 kind), now the hippest of the hip rock that uniform on the regular. And we’re glad for that. But since your butt is parked in those pantalones almost every day and the thought of shopping for them makes us drop our White Russian cake pops on the spot, we’ve found a way to avoid the frustration of pulling up, squeezing in, and yanking on. Whether bespoke, custom fitted, or just upcycled and renewed, we’ve found your indigo saviors.

When it comes to jeans it’s always hard to find the right size and most of us wish we could have an ‘in-between’ size. So most of us are rejoicing at the news that Next have created ‘in-between’ sizes for some of its jeans, to allow their customers to get the ‘best fit’.

The new sizes start at 11, so if you’re a 10, but not quite a 12 then these new sizes are perfect for you. They also come in 13, 15 and go up to a size 17. 

Their skinny, slim and boot cut jeans for women, all priced at £22, will be available in the new sizes, as well as their Chino trousers.

This means you have six pairs of their jeans now available in these new sizes – including the brands Skinny Jeans in Dark Blue, the Slim Jeans in Dark Blue, Forever Black and White and the Boot Cut Jeans in Forever Black and White. The brand also hinted that should these in-between sizes go down well then they may expand the sizes to other sections of their range.  

In a statement the the brand explained: ‘Next are always looking for ways to help women feel amazing in what they wear. 

‘After spending time with our customers and listening to their feedback, we have decided to trial in-between sizes in some of our favourite jeans and tailoring pieces to ensure that we are offering them the best fit possible.’ 

Lets hope that this news means that more brands will take note and not just create their jeans with in-between sizes, but other items of clothing too.

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