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Young Girl with Down Syndrome dream comes true after ‘photo bombing’ news segment


Young Girl with Down Syndrome dream comes true after ‘photo bombing’ news segment

Young Girl with Down Syndrome dream comes true after ‘photo bombing’ news segment

MACKAY has a new celebrity after an unexpected photo bomb that she crashed at a news segment back in 2016. She waves and smiles at the camera before patting down her hair and smoothing her eyebrows. Georgia Knoll, from Mackay in Queensland, quickly rose to stardom after her live debut at Seven News TV broadcast. This sweet young beauty just wanted to say hello to her mum and dad.

Georgia a young Down Syndrome woman who became a viral star after ‘video bombing’ on live TV has warmed the hearts and grabbed the Attention of thousands, including a domestic airline carrier. Now she has taken to the skies as a flight attend for the airline.

The bubbly 25-year-old, who is an ambassador for people with disabilities, was invited to serve as a hostess for a domestic Jetstar flight last month. She states, “I’m just trying to break through barriers, push everything aside and you just need to be yourself,’ Georgia said to Jetstar while decked out in uniform.

Georgia is so full of life and is great with our customers, she was such a fantastic addition to our team and we all felt so lucky to have her spend the day with us,’ she said in a Jetstar video. Georgia’s younger sister Kathyrn also commented on the post saying: “For anyone wondering, she’s exactly the same at home. Always manages to make us laugh.

Georgia also sang at the Guy Sebastian concert from memory and was on stage last year at the Mayors Charity Ball or Variety Club Old Bags Lunch.

Georgia would love any sort of career where she is in the spotlight, whether it be modeling or acting. Georgia shares her love for acting and how she was inspired by watching Glee when she was a younger girl. The TV show featured a character with Down syndrome, this inspired her to do anything she had a mind to do. Her personality is so big, it just can’t be contained in a normal day to day job.’

While she pursues other career prospects, Georgia continues to advocate for people with disabilities. She is a true inspiration and roll model for many, not only for the disabled but for anyone reading this article.

“Thanks for sharing this one around folks, she’s a gem.”

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