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5 Problems with Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony

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5 Problems with Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony

5 Problems with Christine Blasey Ford’s Testimony

Christine Blasey Ford testified at the Kavanaugh hearings and if you look closely, you can see whatever you want. Personally, I think everyone has their minds made up already.

oh my, the comments

Where’s the police report?

Not only should any sane person be expected to report a crime in a timely fashion, it’s been widely reported that Maryland has no statute of limitations on sexual assault so if this really happened why hasn’t Ford reported the supposed crime to the authorities?

Over on another thread, some of the Fordites have shifted from “he raped her” to “he raped her and almost killed her.” Wonder what the next step is?

He raped her, killed her and ate her body? They’re running out of horribles here..

Killed her dog, boiled her rabbit and drowned her kittens and then became a Zombie, roaming the streets of DC nightly. If this Supreme Court thing falls through he’s signing a contract for a weekly show: Zombie N ight Court Judge

If a federal judgeship is a “lifetime” appointment, what happens if the judge is a zombie?

There was no mentioning of Hitler yet, so… I really hope the Dems are “The Walking Dead”. meaning they’re party is already DOA come election time.

Well, politicking the graveyard vote is an honored tradition. That’s how Barack Obama’s Chicago (the most corrupt city in America- I know, I lived there) traditionally provided the margin of victory. Nowadays, illegal aliens vote.

Some folks have problems with her testimony. What do you think?

1. She can’t confirm her story

She can tell everyone definitively that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her, but she doesn’t know when, where, who took her there or picked her up (she was 15), or pretty much anything of significance. She has no facts, no corroboration, no medical report, no police report. There is nothing but a claim from a woman with a bad memory and a story contradicted by all her own witnesses. At this point, there is not even any evidence that there was a party at all, much less that Kavanaugh was there or that anything happened between Kavanaugh and Ford.

2. The polygraph test and crying

Rachel Mitchell, a sex crimes prosecutor in Maricopa County, Arizona, who questioned Ford today, went out on what seems to be a strange tangent about the polygraph that Ford took in August. Surprisingly, it still prompted Ford to say a couple of very strange things. Ford said the polygraph was done in Maryland because of her grandmother’s funeral and she was asked if it was done on the same day as her grandmother’s funeral. Ford did not know the answer to that question. Mitchell also asked if she paid for the polygraph, which would normally be quite expensive, and again, Ford said she doesn’t know. If Ford doesn’t have a clear memory of big events that happened to her LAST MONTH, how can anyone be sure her memory of what happened 36 years ago is correct? Was Kavanaugh involved? You wouldn’t think someone could get confused about something like that, but you’d also think someone would know if she spent thousands of dollars paying for a polygraph last month.

3. Fear of Flying… kinda

At one point, in response to Mitchell’s comment about how this wasn’t the best forum to explore her allegations, Ford agreed it would have been better if she could have testified at home without having to do this publicly in D.C.  — except she could have done exactly that. Not only was the offer made to her legal team, but there were also news articles about it. It was not a secret. So either Ford is lying or perhaps worse yet, she really doesn’t know what’s going on and her legal team unnecessarily tossed her into the meat grinder for political purposes.

Ford’s own lawyers have been publicly claiming that she’s too frightened to fly and they have gone out of their way to say that she won’t get on a plane because of the Kavanaugh incident. Because of that, they said she’d have to drive cross-country to get to a hearing. Of course, she actually flew. Additionally, under questioning, she admitted she had flown to Maryland, Hawaii, and Tahiti.

5. Her witnesses 

In her initial letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Ford claimed that four people besides her were at the party. That number seems to change by the day, but let’s go with her original claim. Those four people were Brett Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge, who she says were both in the room along with PJ Smyth and her friend Leland Ingham Keyser. All of them have denied her story under the penalty of felony perjury, which begs an obvious question:  whose house was the mystery party at? Are they all supposed to have been partying at someone else’s house while they were gone? It makes no sense. It’s even more damning that her friend Leland Ingham Keyser says she has never even met Brett Kavanaugh.


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