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Correctly ‘Regift’ That Unwanted Gift and Get Away With It


Correctly ‘Regift’ That Unwanted Gift and Get Away With It

Correctly ‘Regift’ That Unwanted Gift and Get Away With It

You’ve probably gotten a few gifts over the years you were happy about and some…maybe not so much. Oh, you know you want to regift really bad – but how to assure you won’t be exposed as a lout?

We have all been there. You are presented with a gift and you open it up and realize you have absolutely no use for it. Perhaps it is a decoration that is a completely different style than your home. Maybe it’s some chocolate and you are on diet. Maybe it is simply something you already have. Why is it there never seems to be a gift receipt in sight when we get a gift we don’t want? What can one do except offer thanks for the gift and set it aside, knowing it will never be used as intended.

There is no reason to let these gifts go to waste. Sure you could donate them or even toss them, but another option is to regift the gift. You just have to make sure you follow a few simple rules so that you avoid any awkwardness with the giver or the gift’s new recipient.

First, make sure there is NO trace of gift wrapping or tape or anything else to show that it is a regift. The gift should still look brand new. If it already shows signs of ownership, probably better not to regift.

Next, try to regift the gift to a recipient that will actually want it. Don’t just pass it along to another person to regift!

This next tip is vitally important; don’t regift to someone in the same social circle as the original giver. This is a sure way to be “caught” and lead to an awkward situation for the original giver and the new recipient. However, should this occur, be ready with your reasoning for the regift. You need to just own it. Honestly, most people will understand and have been in the same situation. Hopefully you have a good reason for selecting the new recipient that assures them you still did put thought into why you would give them that particular gift.

It’s important to note that not all gifts should be regifted. If there is any way the person who gave it to you will find out, just don’t do it. For example, if they give you a piece of jewelry you don’t really like, it really would be better to pull it out when you see them and show them your gratefulness. If it is an ugly decoration, consider putting it out when they are coming over. A true friend would do this. Yes, it is a little extra effort, but in the end it is the thought that counts. That goes both ways in giving and receiving.

Hopefully you got everything you hoped for this holiday season, but if you got something you weren’t exactly excited about, regifting is always an option. Just do it right!

Leave a comment about a gift you’ve given to someone else. Did you get caught?

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