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30 Years From Now There Might Not Be Any More Chocolate? wtf?


30 Years From Now There Might Not Be Any More Chocolate? wtf?

30 Years From Now There Might Not Be Any More Chocolate? wtf?

As a bona fide chocoholic, it is definitely my weakness, along with millions of other people. So imagine the terror I felt when I saw the headline “Experts Say Chocolate Could be Impossible to Produce by 2050”!!!

But then I read the reason why, and was able to calm down a bit.

“Rising temperatures from climate change are threatening to shrink the number and size of rainforests around the equator. That area is home to the delicate cacao trees, which are used to make chocolate.”

The Mars company has invested one billion dollars in preventing this catastrophe.

The report stems from Business Insider, under the alarming headline, “Chocolate is on Track to be Extinct in 40 Years.” The report says that scientists are Berkeley are working on creating new types of cacao plants that are sturdier and can withstand the heat and dry conditions that global warming is bringing to areas where cacao plants are grown. New technology called “CRISPR” is being tested to make the plants withstand the problems that climate change presents like more pests and drier conditions.

However, the Berkeley scientists featured in the Business Insider article tell USA Today that the reporting was misleading, and chocolate is NOT on its way to extinction. Scientists say the threat is not from rising temperatures but from diseases that threaten the crops. To that end, they are working on new technology to slow the spread of the diseases. You can breathe a sigh of relief.

What better way to get people’s attention on climate change than to tell them their favorite indulgence is on the brink of extinction!? I think global warming/global cooling/climate change is all a bunch on nonsense but even I was thinking “I really hope this isn’t true!” But a simple Google search leads to many sites, including Snopes, that say there is no chocolate shortage on the horizon and that the original report is nothing more than fear mongering.

You see, climate change proponents will try many ways to scare the masses into thinking we humans are causing the weather to change and the sky to fall. It seems to me this was a bit of a dirty trick to try to incite panic and make people get on the global warming bandwagon. Hit people at their weakness and hope they will get on board with your cause. Of course, it is always harder to get out the word to correct false information than it is to get out the fake news to begin with. Still, we can try!

It just doesn’t seem this global warming thing is working for most of the country this week! As I write this, it is below zero out and I’m in my house with a hat on, a nice sweatshirt and my feet by a space heater. I think it is time for me to make some hot chocolate, grab some chocolate candy and cuddle up on my couch under a nice, warm blanket. At least I’ll be secure in the knowledge that my chocolate supply will continue as I make it through the coldest of weeks.

I want my bankee…

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