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Matthews Blames Crazy Evangelicals Who Don’t Understand Situation in Israel


Matthews Blames Crazy Evangelicals Who Don’t Understand Situation in Israel

Matthews Blames Crazy Evangelicals Who Don’t Understand Situation in Israel

Watch it, Chris… your hatred for Christians is showing. MSNBC political commentator Chris Matthews appeared on “Morning Joe” yesterday and linked President Trump’s announcement that the US views Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel with the political race in Alabama. Why? Because of crazy evangelical Christians who are just too deeply stupid to understand the situation in Israel according to Matthews. He says that Christians have “mythical” beliefs about it. No, we have religious beliefs about it, which Matthews would never understand. As for Alabama, it’s a stretch even for this moonbat to connect the two.

Matthews has always been certifiable, but when he mixes hatred in with it, he really goes off on a binge. He says Evangelicals have crazy ideas about Israel. What is crazy about recognizing the legitimate capital of Israel? The Jews were there more than a thousand years before the so-called made up Palestinians were. The left’s romance with radical Islam and their hatred for Israel is the craziness here… not the word of God. What President Trump did yesterday took courage and moral fortitude. And it’s sad that it should take that because Jerusalem has ALWAYS been and ALWAYS will be the capital of Israel. Now, we just need to move our embassy there.

Let the terrorists and demons riot. They will kill and shed blood no matter what is done or said, so do the right thing and face the enemy here. We stand with Israel… the US always has. And we will fight with her if she needs us to. But according to Matthews, the left are the only ones that get it. “Don’t think this isn’t related to Alabama next week. It is related,” Matthews said. “Because it’s the Christian Evangelicals down there with their crazy ideas about Israel which is, I don’t know, mythical.” Spoken like a clueless atheist.

“They don’t understand the situation over there, how tricky it is ethnically and tribally,” he added. “They don’t care because it’s a religious belief. Trump is playing into that this week; you watch him.” President Trump is keeping a promise to Christians and Jews alike. This has nothing to do with Alabama. It has everything to do with the relationship between the US and Israel. According to Matthews, everything Trump does has some hidden, insane meaning. It doesn’t, but the same cannot be said for communists like Matthews.

Matthews claims he once lived in Jerusalem and therefore he knows the political and religious landscape there. He expressed support for former President Bill Clinton’s strategy of giving concessions to the Palestinians. He said the only hope for peace is for Palestinians to have hope East Jerusalem can be their capital and in contrast, he argued moving the embassy to Jerusalem will cause deaths. Deaths are going to occur because the Palestinians are terrorists. Hamas is among them and they are proxies for Iran. Jerusalem does not belong to the Palestinians and never has. This is why you should never give concessions, or deal with, terrorists.

“Deaths are coming now because of this. You can just bet the next few weeks we’ll have hell to pay for this totally erratic decision by this President,” Matthews said. “Every party that has had the White House since ’48 has recognized you have to be careful over there.” The decision was not erratic. It was in the making for decades and Trump was the one who had the stones to finally make it. This should have been done in 1948. You can’t blame any bloodshed from this on Trump. But you can certainly blame it on the bigotry, hatred and anti-Semitism in the Middle East. You can also blame those such as Matthews who have made this situation possible.

Despite the fact the past four official Democratic Party platforms have recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a number of Democrats have spoken out against the President’s decision to move the US embassy there. The reason is simple… they are cowards. President Trump is not cut from the same cloth as these craven leftists are. When Matthews speaks of Christians, he’s almost spitting with hatred. But he does not feel the same about radical Islamists. He embraces them and cares for them. This is a fight between good and evil. Matthews chose evil just as many others have. Yesterday, President Trump chose to side with Israel and it is driving the left insane. See Chris Matthews.

H/T: The Washington Free Beacon, Breitbart, The Right Scoop, The Washington Times

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