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Trump’s Jerusalem Decision Is An Act of Courage And Leadership


Trump’s Jerusalem Decision Is An Act of Courage And Leadership

Trump’s Jerusalem Decision Is An Act of Courage And Leadership

As Ben Shapiro put it, President Trump declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel and moving the US Embassy there is an act of not only political bravery, but moral courage. It is long, long overdue. But it won’t happen without fallout. It won’t be the act of moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jeruslam that causes the Middle East to catch on fire… it will be the anti-Semitism and hatred from the Islamic world that does that. The President is very committed to the Middle East peace process. This move will help that goal, not hurt it in the end.

Trump is doing what many presidents before him promised to do, but never carried through on. He will go down in history for it. We are beefing up the security at our embassies worldwide. If violence comes, we will deal with it. This is the right thing to do and should have been done a long time ago. Both America’s allies and foes today are criticizing President Trump for doing this. It doesn’t matter… Trump is doing what we should have done forever a go and he is showing true leadership here.

Ralph Peters points out that America has tried since the days of Harry Truman to pander to the Arabs and Palestinians, hoping that “peace will break out” and that “they’ll see the light.” But the result has been since 1948 that the Palestinians have always rejected a reasonable peace. Now it’s time we called their bluff as Ralph Peters said on Fox News. Peters is fully behind this, just as I am: “Morally correct, ethically correct, maybe strategically correct – we’ll see about that – but by God this is one Trump policy I fully support!“

Israel is welcoming the news. Christians are also celebrating the move by Trump today as we consider Jerusalem a holy city as well. The Palestinians however just declared the Mideast peace process ‘finished’. In truth, it was done long ago. Turkey is threatening to host a meeting of Islamic nations next week to basically plot war against the west. No surprise there. They burned flags in Gaza… both US and Israeli ones. Hamas declared Friday a ‘day of rage’, raising the specter of mass violence in the occupied territories.

Then Europe turned on Israel just as the Middle East is doing. That tells you a lot right there. Prime Minister Theresa May said she would challenge Trump over it. Britain is against this. Too freaking bad. They want a shared capital between the Israeli and Palestinian states. That is not going to happen. Trump would effectively be making a declaration of war, the Palestinians’ chief representative to Britain said Wednesday. No, he is not.

Leftists across the planet are now freaking out and are in full-fledged panic over this. The German Foreign Minister unironically called for a ‘solution to the Jerusalem problem’. Phrasing. Germany should pick their words more carefully especially when it comes to Israel and the Jews. China is expressing concerns over ‘possible aggravation of regional tensions’. Russia also expressed concern about a ‘possible deterioration’.

Trump’s speech is expected to instruct the State Department to begin the multi-year process of moving the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy city. It remained unclear, however, when he might take that physical step, which is required by U.S. law, but has been waived on national security grounds for more than two decades. Officials said numerous logistical and security details, as well as site determination and construction, could take three or four years to sort out. Trump will sign a waiver every six months until the embassy is actually moved. Unnamed officials, speaking on condition of anonymity pending Trump’s announcement, said the decision was merely an acknowledgment of ‘historical and current reality’ rather than a political statement and said the city’s physical and political borders will not be compromised.

Trump is keeping another campaign promise here. Americans are cheering him over it regardless of what the rest of the planet thinks. One official also said Trump would insist that issues of sovereignty and borders must be negotiated by Israel and the Palestinians. The official said Trump would call for Jordan to maintain its role as the legal guardian of Jerusalem’s Muslim holy places and reflect Israel and Palestinian wishes for a two-state peace solution. We’ll have to see what Trump actually says as he is notorious for going his own way.

Iran is viciously condemning Trump, which means this is the right thing to do. The state TV’s website quoted Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as saying that “the victory will ultimately be for the Islamic nation and Palestine.” Iran rules Hamas in Palestine, so of course that is their stance. Iran does not recognize Israel and supports anti-Israeli militant groups like Lebanese Hezbollah and Palestinian Hamas. “That they claim they want to announce Quds as the capital of occupied Palestine is because of their incompetence and failure,” Khamenei said, using the Arabic name for Jerusalem. The old bigot can stuff it. The ayatollah has previously said that Israel “will not see the next 25 years.”

Even the Pope came out against Trump. No surprise there with his communist leanings. The Pope issued a plea to the President to respect the status quo on the city and to conform with UN resolutions. He told thousands of people at his general audience: “I cannot keep quiet about my deep worry about the situation that has been created in the last few days.” Pope Francis said he hoped “wisdom and prudence prevail, in order to avoid adding new elements of tension to a global panorama that is already convulsed and marked by so many cruel conflicts.” Trump is now standing up more for Christians than the Pope is. Sad.

This move is historic and I am proud of President Trump for doing what so many others before him failed to do. Jerusalem is the rightful capital of Israel. It’s time to make things right.

H/T: The Right Scoop, the Daily Mail, The Daily Wire, The Washington Free Beacon, The Guardian

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