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Pelosi Goes Apocalypictic… Calls GOP Tax Bill ‘End Of The World’


Pelosi Goes Apocalypictic… Calls GOP Tax Bill ‘End Of The World’

Pelosi Goes Apocalypictic… Calls GOP Tax Bill ‘End Of The World’

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just went all apocalyptic on America. She declared yesterday that the GOP tax plan is the worst legislation ever considered by Congress. “I have said that this was stiff competition by some of the other things they have put forth, is the worst bill in the history of the United States Congress,” Pelosi said during House floor debate on the tax plan. Way to be dramatic, Nancy. It’s the end of the world as we know it because it actually cuts taxes, will add jobs and encourages economic growth… but Obamacare was wondrous! This woman is both a stone cold liar and seriously delusional all at once.

Pelosi whined over the length of the bill being 500 pages. Again, compared to Obamacare it was a quick read. She said it was rushed and would add horribly to the deficit. That $1 trillion they keep claiming it will add does not take into account the economic growth we will experience. This tax plan will create revenue, not cost money in the end and she knows it. What made the deficit monstrous was Obama, the Democrats, Obamacare and their Marxist spending policies.

“Now, how can I make that claim? Well, because it involves more money, hurts more people, increases the deficit by so much more, and just because everything is bigger in our country, the consequences of this bill, a multitrillion dollar economy being addressed by a bill that had no hearings, no expert testimony, just the speed of light, as [Rep.] Jamie Raskin says, the speed of light in the dark of night, here we are,” Pelosi said, referring to the Maryland Democrat. Please spare us. The hypocrisy is sooo deep here, you need a backhoe to get through it.

House Republicans first unveiled the tax plan in early November and the Democrats started howling over it. They passed their version of it two weeks later. Then the Senate passed its tax plan last Saturday. House Republicans voted earlier Monday night on a motion to go to conference to reconcile the two chambers’ bills. The plan is to get President Trump to sign this bill before Christmas as a present to the American people. But Democratic Grinches just can’t stand it. Too freaking bad. They don’t get to be obstructionists this time around.

The Senate bill differs from the House bill in that it repeals the individual mandate of Obamacare. I expect that will be left in. This caused Pelosi to go apocalyptic and call the bill the next best thing to Armageddon. At a press conference before Monday’s vote, a reporter asked Pelosi about Democrats’ hyperbolic descriptions of the legislation, even though many people may see a modest tax cut and a lot of the benefits go to businesses that will create jobs for Americans.

“No, it is the end of the world. The debate over health care is life and death. This is Armageddon,” Pelosi replied. “This is a very big deal because you know why? It is very hard to come back from this. They take us further, more deeply into debt — what can you do? It is a gift to corporate American. Up to a trillion and a half dollars will be paid for by the growth it creates and even their own people say ‘Nonsense. Not true,’” she added.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) was not quite as doom and gloom. He said, “I’m not going to say it’s the end of the world and Nancy did not mean it’s the end of the world, but one ought not to diminish the consequences of passing this bill.” Nice try at walking that back. Not working. A spokesman from the National Republican Congressional Committee said Pelosi had “no shame” after her comments. “Nancy Pelosi has no shame. The only Armageddon she’s facing is the one from her own caucus after Democrats fail to take back the House for the fourth cycle in a row,” the NRCC’s Jesse Hunt said in an emailed statement. Nice. Wish I had said that.

Sorry to break it to Pelosi and the left, but this isn’t the end of the world. If anything, it’s a reprieve from the death blow Obama set us on a path towards. It would seem that panic has truly set in on the left. Maybe they should have said ‘Judgement Day’ instead of ‘Armageddon’.

H/T: The Hill, Fox News, Independent Review Journal

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