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Bob Barker’s Love For His Wife Has Withstood The Test of Time


Bob Barker’s Love For His Wife Has Withstood The Test of Time

Bob Barker’s Love For His Wife Has Withstood The Test of Time

Former host of the TV show “The Price is Right”, Bob Barker and his wife were married for 36 years. These days it seems not too many couples stay together that long, especially in Hollywood. So you might say, Bob Barker’s love for his wife has withstood the test of timej.

Recently, the 93-year-old TV legend recently visited the grave of his late wife, Dorothy Jo Gideon, on the the 36th anniversary of her death.

He lovingly laid a bouquet of white roses on her memorial, cleaned her headstone, and sat by the grave where his beloved wife lay at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park located in Los Angeles.

Bob Barker’s 20-minute remembrance was an act of love for his life and longtime partner. The two lovebirds began their story many years ago as high school sweethearts.

Bob had met Dorothy Jo at an Ella Fitzgerald concert when Barker was just 15 years old. They sealed their love for each other by eloping in 1945 while Barker was on leave from his service as a Navy fighter pilot in WWII.

Dorothy Jo also found a place in the entertainment industry by singing jingles for commercials. She had a strong influence on Barker’s notable animal rights activism.

Barker was very smitten for his wife. In a 2007 interview with ‘Good Morning America’, he praised Dorothy Jo for always being ahead of the times, stopping the use of fur coats and becoming a vegetarian before all others were following those trends.

Sadly, Dorothy Jo passed away in 1981 at a relatively young age of 57 due to lung cancer. However, even after just 36 years of marriage, Bob Barker still held true to his love for Dorothy Jo. Yes, I would say Bob Barker’s love for his wife has withstood the test of time.

Even after her death, the 19-time Emmy winner did not remarry. He knew his high school sweetheart was the love of his life.

“I never had any inclination to remarry,” Barker stated in his 2007 Good Morning America appearance. “She was my wife.”

It’s amazing isn’t it? But after 36 years, Bob Barker’s love still holds the test of time. His adoration for his late and beloved wife, Dorothy Jo after all these years of being without her, still exists. Not only did Baker pay tribute to his late wife, he still pays tribute to a everlasting love that still continues even after the death of his wife.

Bob Barker’s  show ‘The Price is Right’ ran from 1972 to 2007. It was the longest-running daytime game show in America. Barker also hosted the show ‘Truth or Consequences’. Following that, he even hosted the Miss America pageant.

I think from what most of us can see, Bob Baker’s love for his wife Dorothy was bigger than any game show he ever hosted or bigger than any pageant. His true beauty queen and the love of his life was his wife, Dorothy Jo. His love for Dorothy has definitely endured over time ….before and after her passing. For many, I’d say that’s the kind of love most can only dream of.  Pleasant dreams.



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