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Make Partying Great Again

Make Partying Great Again

Lower Saxony, Germany- German police made an unusual drug bust on Saturday night when they stopped a car containing a father, son and nearly 5,000 ecstasy pills. Sounds straight forward enough, until you stop and take a closer look at the pills. Each tablet was carved into a very familiar face; that of American President Donald Trump- the pills were also all orange.
Even those passingly familiar with Trump would have been hard pressed not to recognize him. From his unmistakable facial expression to that hair do which seemed to puzzle the world. The color of the ecstasy helped to make the identification a little easier. For anyone who still wasn’t sure of the subject the name TRUMP was imprinted into the back of every tablet.
The 5,000 pills carry a street value of tens of thousands Euros, which police confirmed in a statement released on Monday, “During the search of the vehicle police found about 5,000 ecstasy tablets with the portrait of the American president … the purchase value of the tablets amounts to approximately 11,000 euros (about $12,900); the sales value amounts to approximately 39,000 euros.”
It may all sound like a stranger than life story, but for the 51-year-old Austrian man and his 17-year-old son, it carries real world consequences. Both are now under arrest and in custody. The pair had recently returned from the Netherlands where it is thought the drugs may have originated from.
Ecstasy is a drug that has been getting stronger in recent years and if you are unfortunate enough to take the wrong pill, can even be fatal. Police are using this bizarre bust as away to remind people just how dangerous ecstasy can be; no matter whose face appears on the pills.
We just can’t picture the person who would want the face of the POTUS staring at them while taking ecstasy. The internet has used the photos of the pills to come up with possible slogans to sell them under, and although drugs are bad, some of them were kind of funny. Including a personal favorite, ‘Trump makes partying great again.’

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