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Dog Surfing is Making Waves

Dog Surfing is Making Waves

Pacifica, California- Dog surfing is now a thing you can either have your pup compete in or simply enjoy the videos surfacing online of this year’s competition.

Dog surfing is still a new competition, this being only its second year as an annual contest but with twelve years of prior events. The World Dog Surfing Championship may be new, but it has already attracted dozens of dogs and their enthusiastic owners who took part this year. The competition was held at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, California where the dogs are separated into different categories based on their height and weight. There is even the option for owners to join in! Dogs can complete on their own or in tandem with their owners, just in case you and your dog were getting bored with the dog park. With more than 30 canine competitors this year, the competition is growing quickly. That three dozen pup is more than five times higher than last years contest.

So how do you judge a dogs surf skills? Well, it’s based mostly on how long the dog can stay upright on its board. One of the judges for the competition, Sam Stahl says this about the judging process; “It’s subjective, it’s a feeling. You’re looking for the ability to stand, ride, move in the wave. You’re looking for style. How panicked or how calm the dog is. That makes a difference.”

The regulations state that all dogs wear personal flotation devices, but some owners took it upon themselves to go the extra mile, dressing their dogs up with funky hair dos and stylish wetsuits and goggles.

It may seem like a silly event, but dog surfing is growing in popularity around the world, from the US all the way to Australia. During this years event, the humane society was on hand to accept donations and to promote adoption from local shelters.

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