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This cow looks like Gene Simmons and people want answers


This cow looks like Gene Simmons and people want answers

This cow looks like Gene Simmons and people want answers

Gene Simmons, front man of the legendary rock group KISS, may have some explaining to do. On Friday a calf was born at a Texas ranch that bears a striking resemblance to the rocker, especially when she sticks out her impressive tongue. Depending on how you view her facial markings, Little Genie either appears to be sporting a butterfly mark or an homage to Simmons’ iconic makeup. Little Genie’s white face and black markings are so similar to Simmons that she gained media attention shortly after birth with images of her face next to Simmons going viral.

The ranch where this newly famous calf was born is 65 miles northwest of San Antonio and is called Kerrville Ranch. Drew Taylor of a local marketing group, Hill County Visitor took note of the resemblance right away and said; “I didn’t realize how uncanny the comparison was until a friend put the two pictures side by side. I said ‘Can I have that picture? Can I use it?'”

Taylor proceeded to reach out to Gene Simmons, offering to buy him a steak. Little Genie, already too famous to eat has been taken off the menu, however. Taylor says that the owner of the steak house where Little Genie would have been heading is a collector of oddities and together they have decided that Little Genie will become a mascot of sorts for the ranch and steak house.
Once the story went viral, it caught the attention of Gene Simmons who tweeted about the calf with the caption ‘This is real folks!!! Calf called Genie is born on Texas ranch and looks EXACTLY like Kiss rocker Gene Simmons…’

Luckily for Genie, her new found fame has ensured her a long and peaceful life as a mascot, rather than a few steak dinners. We wish her and her owner the best in the strange adventure they are embarking on.

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