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Kim Kardashian Led Star-Studded Celebration For National Lipstick Day!


Kim Kardashian Led Star-Studded Celebration For National Lipstick Day!

If you happen to miss it, Saturday, July 29th was National Lipstick Day!

This past Saturday, Kim Kardashian led a star studded celebration in honor of the day.

The 36-year-old makeup entrepreneur had her lips painted a light pink hue in honor of National Lipstick Day and then posted it on Instagram.

Her post stated,

‘Happy National Lipstick Day!!! Can’t wait for you to see my glam sesh with @patrickstarrr on his YouTube channel coming out next week! We are using the.. Kimmie which is available now on’

Does this lady know marketing or what?

The celebrity brunette got her makeup done by YouTuber Patrick Starr. She used National Lipstick Day to promote her beauty products from her company This lady is one sharp businesswoman.

Here’s another post from Instagram:

Of course, Kim states she’s wearing Kiki Velvet Liquid lip…but come on…who’s looking at lips? This is marketing at it’s finest!

In addition to Kim Kardashian and her marketing posts for KKW Cosmetics, a slew of other celebrities also were highlighted for the annual celebration of National Lipstick Day!

First, there was Bella Thorne and her bold red lipstick painted all over her wide lips…

Then, there was model Irina Shayk who expressed that she’s a fan of Loreal with her fully exposed cleavage…

Next, came singer Lady Gaga who used National Lipstick Day to promote her upcoming Joanna tour while rocking glittery red lipstick…

She was followed by actress Elle Fanning who showed off her bright lips and also advertised for Loreal #Worthit.

Then came, ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Lucy Hale who celebrated National Lipstick Day and promoted a little Avon makeup with her bright red hue.

Ms. Hale was followed by the wholesome Reese Witherspoon. Reese chose a softer pink glossy hue from Elizabeth Arden.

Finally, Reese was followed by celebrity star Eva Longoria who selected a matte pink lipstick for the day.

Eva promoted Loreal makeup and even encouraged people to put on a bold color and share why their lips were bold in more ways than one. #ReadMyLips

There was also singer Ciara who chose a mauve tone or mink hue for her lips on National Lipstick Day and promoted Revlon makeup.

There were several others, but as you can see it was a star studded celebration that Kim Kardashian kicked off on Saturday for National Lipstick Day.

Mac Cosmetics even gave away freebies while they lasted. The only catch…you had to show up early at a Mac store. The freebies were only available while supplies lasted.

Other lipstick brands, including Kat Von D BeautyBH Cosmeticsand Estee Lauder’s, also offered deals as well.

So, in otherwords, it was a makeup advertisers dream day for National Lipstick Day! Whether you were a celebrity or not, they were pumping up a variety of lips with their various bold hues on Saturday!

National Lipstick Day is recognized annually on July 29.

Of course, for some women, lipstick is the only makeup they use to make a bold statement about their personality.  In addition to personalities, several studies have shown that people who regularly use lipstick have a better posture and higher confidence.  Science has even shown that people seem more attractive and competent when wearing lipstick.

Of course, lipstick has been around for hundreds of years. It’s been worn since the 13th century. For some cultures, it was used to show social status for not only women but men as well.  In the early days, lipstick was created from everything like berries to beetles.

Whether you’re celebrating National Lipstick Day with Kim Kardashian or Eva Longoria, or you just want to change your attitude or mood, pucker up and be bold!





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