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Young Wife Complains 72-Year-Old Husband Ain’t Hittin it Right and Instantly Regrets Saying That


Young Wife Complains 72-Year-Old Husband Ain’t Hittin it Right and Instantly Regrets Saying That

Young Wife Complains 72-Year-Old Husband Ain’t Hittin it Right and Instantly Regrets Saying That

Imagine you’re a 72-year-old man married to a 28-year-old woman. You’re married for a while and then it hits you. You’re out of the honeymoon phase. Now the wife is complaining because she’s not satisfied with your money anymore. To make it even more humiliating – she’s not getting satisfied when you’re horizontal on a mattress or bent over a sofa.

Now you’re sad and upset because your wife, who is so much younger than you that she must have been crazy to marry you, doesn’t seem happy or interested anymore. You’re mad because you can’t buy your wife or hook up with her anymore because you’re old and your manly part probably shriveled in your 60’s. But you’re so filled with rage it’s like you turn into that liberal who screamed NOOOOOOOO when Trump was elected President in 2016.

If that was what it finally took to get you worked up, well now you’re at your tipping point. You need to blow off some steam at your 28-year-old wife who just humiliated you two ways to the moon and back.

Instead of blowing off some steam with her, the man in question tried to BLOW OFF HER HEAD with a gun. That’s right folks! Old man withers put a bullet in his sugar plum, but she lived.

We all know she married this man for money. No girls under 30 desire a man in his 70’s unless he drives a Ferrari. Did he drive a Ferrari? Maybe!

Was it the right thing for him to do? No way. It was terrible thinking. He knew this marriage wouldn’t last forever. He should have enjoyed it while it lasted, then moved on with someone closer in age. Take that hot mamma on a few spins while your soldier still gets up every morning and then call it quits when she’s tired of it.

Now he’s likely to spend the rest of his life wrinkling away in prison. What a sad end to a story where an older fella hooks up with the hot young chick.

Clarence White, 72, grabbed a 22-caliber handgun and blasted his much-younger wife in their Bronx home on Thursday morning.

Sources said the shooting followed an argument between White and his spouse over her growing dissatisfaction with his inability to satisfy her — financially or sexually. Responding officers found Dominique White around 8:40 a.m. sitting on the floor in a hallway of their home on Glebe Ave. in Parkchester.

The young woman was shot in the right cheek. She was in critical, but stable condition at Jacobi Medical Center on Friday. Fragments from the bullet were still lodged in her face, doctors said.

Darn it, Clarence, what the heck are you doing? You had the life man! A young wife (28 years old) who would undress in front of your prune looking self? Come on man, how do you mess that up. Now, what are you going to do with your life? Oh, that’s right. You’ll be looking at men showering in jail. Was it worth it to hurt someone like that? No insult is worth shooting someone. No way!

I’m glad the woman will live. She doesn’t deserve to be shot in the face like that. However, I do feel as though she’s a hoochie mamma looking for an easy life. I wonder if she had a job, or was hooking up with someone 40+ years older than her considered work? Was she changing the guy’s diapers or something? Tssss Tsssssssss.

Everyone loves a jokester. What’s your jokes for this guy who married a young lady, then shot her in the face when she complained about his sexual performance and money?

Would you marry someone who was more than 40 years your senior?

I wouldn’t. Not unless she was rich like Betty White.

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