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Two Lottery Wins in One Week

two lottery wins


Two Lottery Wins in One Week

Two Lottery Wins in One Week

Some people have all the luck as one woman from California recently proved when she won the lottery twice, in the same week. Rosa Dominguez, 19, was driving back to California from Arizona when she stopped at a gas station and decided to buy herself a $5 scratch card.

The Power 5 Scratch Card soon revealed that Rosa had won, not just any win but the top prize for that ticket, $555,555.

Although thrilled with her prize, Rosa decided to try her luck again and bought a different $5 scratch card from another gas station where she won, again. Her second win totaled $100,000 which brought her total winnings to $655,555! That is not a bad week for a 19-year-old.

The California Lottery spoke to Rosa who told them that she was planning on spending her money on a new car. Hopefully, she enjoys her new car and whatever money she has left over after what is sure to be a fun shopping spree. This gave her two lottery wins in one week.

There are downsides

There are of course some serious downsides to winning the lottery and Rosa is going to have to be very careful to avoid them. Not only is everyone she has ever known about to pop out of the wood work asking for a handout, but she’s also in danger of blowing all her winnings quickly. One of the smartest things for Rosa to do would be to hire a financial planner to help her manage her money. Investing some of that money may not be as exciting as buying herself a flashy new car but it could mean a huge difference to herself and her family in the future. Investments could mean the difference between retiring comfortably at a relatively young age and having to continue working until she is no longer able to.

Hopefully, Rosa takes a moment to consider what she’s going to do with her new money, a new car doesn’t have to eat up all the money if she is sensible about it. Even spending some of her winnings on new clothing and the like could still leave her with some considerable sum. We wish her the best with her new assets and advise that she contact a financial planner before blowing all her money. It is a great feeling to have two lottery wins in one week.


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