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The Terrifying Moment A Shark Is Trapped On A Fishing Boat [VIDEO]


The Terrifying Moment A Shark Is Trapped On A Fishing Boat [VIDEO]

The Terrifying Moment A Shark Is Trapped On A Fishing Boat [VIDEO]

Just wow! Looks like these fisherman got way more than they bargained for when they went out for a day’s fishing. You don’t see this every day. This video is fantastic. It shows an incredulous crew and the horrifying moment a mako shark gets stuck on the side of their boat. It jumped up there after being snagged by a fishing line.

I almost felt sorry for the poor shark. The huge predator thrashed and thrashed. It was caught between the railing and the boat and it looked like it was going to die there. The crew even discussed letting it die. This happened off Long Island, New York. I’m not sure, but I believe it is illegal to snag a shark and keep them there. I’d like to know how it jumped up there in the first place. they tried opening a door to dislodge the creature, but it didn’t work.

This was a big shark with LOTS of teeth. At first, it writhed enthusiastically, but you could tell that if it did not make it back to the water soon, it was a goner. In sheer terror and fear, the shark bit the railing numerous times and bloodied its mouth in the process. It was spewing blood out of its mouth. It was unsuccessful in freeing itself.

That was when one of the crew had a brilliant and innovative idea. It certainly paid off. Captain Don Law, from Outlaw Fishing Charters, tied a rope around the shark’s tail fin, while another member kept its snout facing away using the hooked fishing line. Eventually, they were able to push the shark off, having it hang nose down into the water. They cut the fishing line and slowly lowered the shark into the drink. Then they released it.

The shark was happy and free. It swam away to find its next meal and the crew was relieved and elated that this had a happy ending. “We’re gonna need a bigger boat!” Joked Don during the ordeal. That was a humorous reference to the movie ‘Jaws’. Thankfully, this adventure was nothing like that one.

Mako sharks can get up to fifteen feet in length and they can weigh a hefty 132 to 298 lbs. They are usually found in deep water. They are the fastest sharks in the sea and can cruise at up to 60 mph. They typically stalk their prey from below before swimming up to attack them and have been known to leap up to 30 ft. out of the water.

This is incredible footage of a very tense and dangerous encounter. Everyone kept their cool and things turned out great for everyone involved it would seem. And they have the fish tale of a lifetime to tell with pictures and video.

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