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Late-Night Hosts Go Crazy On Donald Trump’s Ban on Transgenders Soldiers!



Late-Night Hosts Go Crazy On Donald Trump’s Ban on Transgenders Soldiers!

Late-Night Hosts Go Crazy On Donald Trump’s Ban on Transgenders Soldiers!

James Corden host of the ‘Late Late Show’ and other hosts on late-night TV slammed President Trump for his recent ban of transgender soldiers serving in the military.

Some of the hosts totally went beyond their traditional monologue. Corden re-created a 1960’s song from Nat King Cole. Jimmy Fallon interviewed a transgender comedian. In addition, even Seth Myers added his views on the topic.

First, on Corden’s announcement of the topic of transgenders being banned from the military by President Trump, his guests booed the statement by the host on his late night show.

Corden added, Trump wants to do the opposite of Obama.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine,

Corden donned a tux and tails to deliver a send up of Nat King Cole’s classic “L-O-V-E” as “L-G-B-T.”

“L, he doesn’t care for lesbians,” Corden sang.

“G, he thinks two men should just be friends

“B, to his dumb knowledge, is just a phase in college

“T, he finds confusing so the army’s now refusing trans women who only want to serve, trans men who want rights we all deserve.”

In the lyrics Corden added,

“How is their disruption,

“Worse than Trump’s corruption?

“Why’s it such a crisis?

“Thousands willing to fight ISIS.”


Cordon also noted in the song that,

 “transgender troops are not a huge expense.”



“Trump wants to seem like a manly man…overcompensating for his tiny hands.”

James Corden concluded the verse,

“POTUS thinks it’s unsavory. Patriots who know real bravery, Trump’s got hate for me and you.”

Here’s the video:

Seems everyone was caught off guard by the announcement from Trump who as a candidate vowed to fight for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people.

Corden also noted a report from The Washington Post, which cited a 2015 study from the Defense Health Agency, that stated the military spends five times more money on Viagra than it does for the medical costs for transgender soldiers.

Corden’s reply to the audience,

“So Trump thinks transgender soldiers aren’t normal, but 71-year-old men with full-blown erections are.”

This was followed by a major applause by his audience.

Seth Meyers also chimes in

In addition to James Corden’s reaction to Trump’s ban on transgenders in the military, late night talk show host, Seth Meyers added his input as well.

On Late Night, Meyers ceded the stage to the female members of his writing staff, Amber Ruffin, Ally Hord, Dina Gusovsky and Jenny Hagel.

Here’s their tribute:

Again, even one of the writers even questioned Trump’s decision based on the fact our tax dollars are already paying for over $41 million on Viagra. As if that should matter?

Where’s the logic of that? Does that mean, well, we already waste $41 million, so what’s a few more million wasted dollars on transgender surgeries? Come on! Seriously?

Still others from late night added,

Stephen Colbert: Colbert: “I began my day as I often begin my days, by checking Donald Trump’s Twitter feed to see how far the crazy has spread. And today, I really think he’s off his meds, because today he went from crazy to cruel.”

Jimmy Fallon: “President Trump went on Twitter and announced that he is banning transgender people from serving in the military. Trump said he understands this is a very sensitive issue, so he made sure to choose his emojis very carefully.”

Let us know whether you care or not if transgenders serve in the military or if you think it’s right about paying for their sex changing surgeries.



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