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Beyonce twins with Jay Z ‘have required SIX nannies at $100k a year each’ for newborns Rumi and Sir!

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Beyonce twins with Jay Z ‘have required SIX nannies at $100k a year each’ for newborns Rumi and Sir!

Beyonce twins with Jay Z ‘have required SIX nannies at $100k a year each’ for newborns Rumi and Sir!

Looking for a new gig? It seems being a nanny can be quite rewarding, especially if you are hired by two high-powered celebrities. You not only can make a six-figure salary, but you will get bonuses, bestowed with gifts and get to travel world-wide.

It’s been about six weeks since Beyonce gave birth to twins, Rumi and Sir on June 13th.

Beyonce and Jay Z’s daughter, Rumi arrived first, followed shortly thereafter by Sir who were delivered by C-section by Dr. Paul Crane of Beverly Hills.  The twins arrived just moments before 6:00 am.

Beyonce introduced the infants to the world with Internet-breaking photo simply labelled: ‘Sir Carter and Rumi, 1 month today.’

The twins, Sir and Rumi, don’t have middle names, but they will have the luxury of SIX nannies!

That’s right! Beyonce and Jay Z have hired 6 NANNIES to help them care for their newborn twins in Los Angeles.

According to a Wednesday report from US OK! magazine, the singers have hired six nannies at $100,000 a year!

A source said,

The twins don’t sleep at the same time, so she decided she needed three per child, working in eight hour shifts.’

Don’t forget the twins also have an older daughter, Blue Ivy, who’s five years old. She has 2 nannies.

That makes 8 nannies for the high-powered couple. Must be nice to have money, right? With 8 nannies, I highly doubt Beyonce or Jay Z will be losing any sleep over their newborns, Sir Carter and Rumi.

Of course, with the recent purchase of their new and spacious home, you might even wander if they will even hear the newborns.

The couple put an offer on a California mansion in Bel-Air that is about 30,000 square feet. The home also has 8 bedrooms, 11 bathroom, 4 pools, a basketball court, recording studio, span and tennis court.

The twins will be close to their other little celebrity kids, North and Saint – you know from the other high-powered couple, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Beyonce twins are costing the family loads of money but they are happy to spend it.

A source told People,

‘LA is their home base now, and this is where Blue goes to preschool.  They’re all very happy in LA.’

Well, ….hello! Who wouldn’t be happy living in a mansion with high-powered parents and 8 nannies to take care the kids?

Give me a break!

Evidently, Beyonce wants to focus on her health and weight goals. No doubt she will hire, if she hasn’t already a celebrity personal trainer to help her with her goals.

Beyonce certainly won’t have all the struggles of a regular new mom with newborn twins. She’ll have the luxury to pass off the twins if they are cranky, need fed, or need their diapers changed.  As a twin, and a past caretaker of twins, I can tell you, sleep deprivation is very common among most newborn mothers. It looks like Beyonce won’t have that problem though, with 6 nannies for the newborns.

I’m sure those twins must have a really cool nursery too! Can you imagine? I can picture designer cribs, rockers, and EVERYTHING…just top of the line.

One source even claimed, the nursery had its own kitchen, fireplace and movie theater, but who knows for sure. The source also claimed Queen Bey,

“…commission a $20,000 mural on the ceiling, complete with glowing stars.  It’s incredible. It’s the entire galaxy above the nursery.”

I guess when you live with two stars…you should have the rest of the galaxy nearby.

Best wishes to the new family of five….or should I say 13? Either way they will have plenty of helping hands. In the end the Beyonce twins are a worldwide phenomenon.




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