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After Ann Coulter Fight, Delta Now Targets Jennifer Aniston [VIDEO]


After Ann Coulter Fight, Delta Now Targets Jennifer Aniston [VIDEO]

After Ann Coulter Fight, Delta Now Targets Jennifer Aniston [VIDEO]

Jennifer Aniston

You would think that Delta would get a clue about their PR and knock off whining and ticking off their passengers, but no. Fresh off battling Ann Coulter, they decided hey, let’s take on Jennifer Aniston! Not kidding. Evidently Delta is throwing a hissy fit because Aniston has appeared in a couple of very well done Emirates ads. And it’s hurting their business. You know why? Because they’re better. Truth hurts, huh guys? They are accusing the Middle Eastern airline of ‘trying to take over international commercial aviation’. It’s called capitalism. Deal with it.

Aniston has appeared in a number of ads for the Dubai-based airline. The one that has Delta really incensed is one that was released in October of 2015. It targeted the luxury airline’s competitors. In the ad, Aniston finds herself in a dreamscape that turns into a nightmare scenario when she finds out that she is on some other airline other than Emirates and they don’t have showers or the amenities she’s looking for. No bar and no lounge. Just a warm towel and peanuts. If you can believe it… Delta has released a staff education video where one crew member identified as Meleia J called that commercial “hurtful.”

Hurtful… hmmm. You mean because Aniston mentions Delta? Nope, she didn’t do that. You mean because she derided Delta’s passengers and America? Nope, she didn’t do that either. I don’t see anything ‘hurtful’ here except Delta’s bottom line. In that same training video, another employee laughingly says, “I’ve always liked Jennifer Aniston, but when I saw that ad, [it was] very hurtful to see that.” Give me a freaking break. Sounds like Delta needs a puppy and a safe space. Another crew member says, “For her to be sending that message inside the United States, it hits me right here as a Delta employee.” Pathetic.

Emirates was accused in 2015 of creating the snobbiest ad ever. Why? I don’t think it is snobby to offer excellent service and amenities to your clientele. In Aniston’s nightmare airline, the crew laughs at and mocks Aniston who just can’t believe they don’t have what Emirates has. You mean like when Delta mocked Ann Coulter? It’s seems so familiar. When Jennifer asks why there is no on board shower or bar and lounge, the crew tells Aniston: “This isn’t an Emirates plane.” That left a mark. Then Aniston awakes and she is back in her first class bed pod on Emirates and all is dreamy again.

Aniston is an actress. She gets paid very well for her appearances and is one of the most highly recognizable faces in the world. She was reportedly paid $5 million for the ad. Why in the heck wouldn’t she take that gig? Because it is from a Middle Eastern airline? I didn’t realize that Delta was so pro-American.

Delta is on the warpath against Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airlines. Delta claims they are unfairly subsidized by oil-rich governments. On Delta’s training video, released in late June, the announcer solemnly states, “There’s a battle being fought for our skies and most people don’t even realize it.” Oh, we realize it, we just don’t care. “The Gulf Carriers have destroyed competition in countries worldwide, and now they are targeting the United States with lavish sponsorships and slick advertising,” whines the moderator. It’s called supply and demand. You are going to have to outdo them to retain market share.

This video goes on and on and on bashing these airlines. It details the immense wealth of Middle Eastern countries and how they are “illegally pouring billions of government dollars into luxurious new aircraft, selling cheap seats and unfairly crushing competition.” But Delta has a short memory. They have done similar things to other airlines in the past. The training video has been leaked and shared online. Delta has been relentlessly mocked for it over their bitterness towards their rivals.

Delta needs to do damage control on their PR and be the best out there in their cost range. All the whining in the world is not going to stop Emirates or any other foreign airline. Oh, and you might want to rethink dissing one of the most beloved actresses in America. That isn’t going to win you popularity points.

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