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Governor’s Mansion for Sale

governors mansion


Governor’s Mansion for Sale

Governor’s Mansion for Sale

North Dakota- Who doesn’t want to live in a mansion rife with local history? The governor’s mansion in North Dakota is up for sale. If you’re willing to do some work, you could become its next owner.

There is, however, a major catch, not only would you be paying for the mansion itself but you would also be responsible for moving it. That’s right, the mansion is for sale, but not the land it’s sitting on.

Moving houses around is a tricky, expensive and labor intensive. It is a business that John Schmid knows very well. As he should, his family has been in the business of moving homes for four generations. Not only is he estimating the cost of moving house at $250,000 but he’s also pretty confident that it would not be moved very far with any success. The mansion is no tiny bungalow, after all, it comes in at around 10,000 square feet and has served the first families of North Dakota since way back in the 1960s.
So, why do they want to sell the mansion?

They want a nicer one. The current mansion is no longer doing its job to impress visiting dignitaries, and it has security problems. Other concerns include lead paint, asbestos and a roof that leaks. There are currently plans to build a 13,500 square foot mansion where the current one rests. Now there’s just the small matter of finding someone who not only wants to buy and move a mansion, but that can afford it.

Apparently, there have been a few interested parties, but if no one buys and moves the house by September, the old mansion will be torn down. The plans for the new mansion include limestone and granite as well as brick. Designers are hopeful that the new mansion will last its projected 100-year life span. Many features such as doors and furniture will be removed from the current mansion before being transported into the new one.

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