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Amazon’s Alexa Calls Cops on Man Beating His Girlfriend!

Amazon Alexa Echo Calls 911


Amazon’s Alexa Calls Cops on Man Beating His Girlfriend!

Amazon’s Alexa Calls Cops on Man Beating His Girlfriend!

Now here’s some technology that has paid for itself over and over again. If you haven’t purchased Amazon’s Alexa, you may want to after you hear this story.

A New Mexico woman was recently threatened with death by her boyfriend. It could have ended very tragic for her, except for a smart little electronic device in her home, Amazon’s Alexa called the police.

Eduardo Barros, 28, his girlfriend and her daughter were in Tijeras, New Mexico house-sitting. They began to argue. That soon turned into a physical altercation.

The violent ordeal unfolded after Barros allegedly got upset over a text message the woman received and accused her of cheating on him, KRQE reported.

Before you know it things escalated to Barros threatening the woman with a gun. He asked,

 “Did you call the sheriffs?”

“When 911 called her phone, Barros saw the caller ID and threw [her] to the floor. Barros then kicked her while on the ground at least 10 times in the face and stomach. Barros told [the victim] he could not believe the cops had been called and he was not going back to prison and that she knew he was a felon. [The victim] stated she thought she was going to be killed or shot.”

That’s when Amazon’s Alexa which was hooked up to the surround sound system, recognized the voice as a command. Alexa did what most would do in that type of situation, it called 911.

The system thought Barros’ question was a request to dial for help, and deputies from the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department were sent out to investigate.

Deputies arrived on the scene very quickly and removed the woman and her daughter from the home.

The woman sustained injuries but was not taken to a hospital. Her daughter remained unharmed.

This amazing technology definitely helped save a life or two.

“The unexpected use of this new technology to contact emergency services has possibly helped save a life. This amazing technology definitely helped save a mother and her child from a very violent situation,” Bernalillo County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III said in a statement to ABC News.

Unfortunately, things did not go so well with Barros.  He refused to go peacefully which led to a police stand-off.

Barros was taken into custody after an hours-long stand-off between a crisis negotiation team and a SWAT team were called in.

According to court documents, Barros now faces charges of possession of a firearm or destructive device by a felon, aggravated battery against a household member, aggravated assault against a household member and false imprisonment.

On Wednesday, the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court in Albuquerque decided that Barros would be held without bond until his second hearing.

Like I said, I think most homeowners, will think twice about having Amazon Alexa in their home. This device saved a life. Things could have turned out much more tragic.

Although, in a real recording, the victim can be heard yelling,

‘Alexa, call 911.’

This Amazon Echo device which was controlled through a virtual assistant, Alexa, responded and saved the woman’s life and her daughter’s.

The Alexa device can be connected to multiple devices, which makes it a pretty hand device.

You can probably pick up a nice deal on the Echo on Amazon’s Prime Day which kicks off on July 10th at 6 pm. It should have a nice 50% discount at around $90.

In addition, you can pick up Amazon’s Bluetooth speaker with Alexa for around $80.

I’d say that saving a life is worth at LEAST that!

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