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Ronda Rousey tracked down ‘punks’ who robbed her and this is how she dealt with them

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Ronda Rousey tracked down ‘punks’ who robbed her and this is how she dealt with them

Ronda Rousey tracked down ‘punks’ who robbed her and this is how she dealt with them

Ronda Rousey, the bad ass female mixed martial arts fighter, returned to her home in Venice, CA with longtime boyfriend UFC fighter Travis Browne, only to find it had been broken into and ransacked. Rousey and her soon-to-be fiance were getting ready to leave for New Zealand where he would propose to her. “We stopped by the house right before we were going to go to the airport and he was going to sneak away and go ask my mom for permission, but right when we got to the house, we realized we were robbed,” Rousey related to the media. Bad move on someone’s part.

Someone had been squatting in her home for several days. They slept in Ronda’s bed, stole her Olympic rings, guns, jewelry, headphones and her credit cards. After realizing what had happened, Rousey and Browne checked their security cameras and footage to see who was the culprit. “We have security cameras, so we looked back at them and we saw that they were a bunch of kids with skateboards and there’s a famous skate park right across the street,” Rousey stated. “So my man’s 6-7, like 260 [pounds], he like beelined it straight to the skateboard park, finds the guys right away. He’s smart enough not to [hit them], we’ll get sued pretty hard, but he found the police right then and they caught them. They knew it was my house. There’s no way you can’t not know it’s my house. What little punks.” They are definitely punks and they got caught easily, I might add. Good.

It’s unknown if Rousey got her stuff back. I sure hope she did. And there’s no word after her last defeat whether she will return to the UFC anytime soon. She’s also an actress. I hope to see her back in the ring because she’s great at what she does, but I have a feeling she may focus more on her acting now. Currently, she is a coach on “Battle of the Network Stars.” It’s a reboot of the cult classic from the 1970s and 80s. TV stars compete against each other in a series of sports and athletic competitions to see who wins. Sounds like fun. Rousey is coaching one team and NFL defensive end DeMarcus has the other.

Her fiance Browne has had an even worse run of luck than his fiance. He has lost the last three UFC fights he’s fought in. In the last one, he got knocked out. Unlike Rousey, he plans on getting back in the ring. He’s fighting Aleksei Oleinik at UFC 213 in Las Vegas Saturday night. I wish him luck.

These punks definitely picked the wrong house to break into and steal from. They are lucky they didn’t get the holy living daylight beaten out of them. And they weren’t very bright either… they were easy to find. Which means she may have gotten most of her belongings back. As tough as Rousey is, her fiance is even more intimidating and he saved the day, big time.

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