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Woman With ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ Avoids Tights in Public – Too Eye-Catching!


Woman With ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ Avoids Tights in Public – Too Eye-Catching!

Woman With ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ Avoids Tights in Public – Too Eye-Catching!

Every woman I know seems to be continuously working on some body part. Most women are not happy with at least one part of their body. They work out, diet and are still not satisfied.

But what if you were a woman who had the ‘most beautiful buttocks’, how would you feel about that?

While most women are not satisfied with some aspect of their body, here’s a woman that says her life is not easy, especially since winning the ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ contest in China.

The woman I’m referring to is Gao Qian, a 19-year-old who now confesses that she can’t wear tights in public because ‘people would surround me and point at my backside’.

So….she only wears baggy clothing in public.

Can you imagine working out and working so hard to get a butt that actually wins an award for the ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ and you cover it up by wearing baggies? Pretty crazy!


It seems Ms. Gao was particularly embarrassed once when a couple argued in front of her after the man praised her bottom to his girlfriend.

Ms. Gao is from Shenyang, China and won the contest on June 24th. It seems the contest was held in a shopping mall in Shenyang and was a follow up to the popular ‘Miss Bum Bum’ competition which was held in Brazil.

I don’t know if the contest is anything like a bikini contest or figure contest, but 50 women did wiggle and shake their bottoms to grab the attention of 7 judges.

Ms. Gao is a part-time personal trainer and popular vlogger. She makes her living by broadcasting her daily activities online.

The winner of the ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ contest is 5 ft. 7 in. and weighs about 132 pounds.

It seems her friends not only pointed the competition to her, but also convinced her that she had the ‘right body’ for the competition.

From there, Ms. Gao put herself through grueling training in preparation for the contest. She spent on average 6 hours a day doing thousands of squats and lunges to shape that booty of hers.

Ms. Gao told MailOnline,

‘I’m very pleased with the results. I will carry on training no matter how hard it might get.’

She added,

‘This is the career I love.’

According to Ms. Gao, she has had no enhancements to her buttocks and believes a beautiful rear is ‘curvy’ and ‘plump’.

The crowned winner of the ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ contest also believes Kim Kardashian has the perfect butt as she stated,

 ‘her buttocks are curvy and her waist is tiny’.

However, Ms. Gao would tell you she feels Asian women have a disadvantage compared to Caucasian or Latino women when it comes to their curves.

Ms. Gao states,

‘It might be a genetic thing or the bone structure.  In addition, they have more systematic training.’

‘I follow Brazilian media and read about the Miss BumBum. It’s be my dream to attend the competition one day.’

Kind of surprised this contest would even take place in China, because of it’s relative conservative culture. But Ms. Gao said her family supports her and she feels fortunate.

‘My father gave me much encouragement after I signed up for the competition. My family also think it’s a very positive thing to do.’

The ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ contest was a part of a bodybuilding competition organized by Zang Zhichao and Saipu, a Beijing-based fitness club.

Zhichao said the ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ contest was a part of a bodybuilding competition his company had organized.

Mr. Zhang Zhichao explained,

‘Compared to other bodybuilding contests, showing off the bums has the lowest requirements, so more people could enter.’

He added,

‘And it didn’t need much publicity, people would just come and see it. ‘

Uh….No Duh! What guy wouldn’t want to come see a ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ contest? Give me a break!

Most of the men I know would be drueling from their seats to say the least.

As for Ms. Gao, well, I think you worked hard for that butt. Congratulations! Speaking from personal experience having caused a few accidents of gawkers myself, I can certainly understand your desire to wear baggies.

Most women would love to have the ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’, it’s just that they are really not willing to work that hard for it.


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