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Guess What The Most Popular Facebook Video Of All Time Is?


Guess What The Most Popular Facebook Video Of All Time Is?

Guess What The Most Popular Facebook Video Of All Time Is?

Facebook is an online social media and social networking service that incorporates pictures, videos and even streaming. It was created by Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard buddies and launched in February of 20014.

Today, Facebook has more than 2 BILLION monthly active users. As of April 2016, it was listed as the most popular social networking site in the world.

In addition in 2016, Facebook’s total revenue was over $27 BILLION.

Half of the members of Facebook use it for an average of 34 minutes a day, while 150 million users accessed it by their mobile device.

Facebook not only allows friends and family to stay in touch, but it allows users to trade ideas.

Recently one video has gained the over 333 MILLION VIEWS!

It’s a clever video giving clever solutions for common storage issues. Since it’s posting in May it has now become the most popular Facebook video of all time.

It was originally posted on a page called “Blossom” a page that caters to millenial moms.

The one factor, you may find interesting is, the video is not about cute puppies or animals. It’s not about babies or toddlers. It’s also not about hot celebrities either. You actually might be kind of amazed to know, the video is about tips on how to combat clutter.

That’s right! I guess people find it interesting when others show them creative ideas for storing things.

Like one of the tips in the video includes pool noodles. Now you may have never thought about using pool noodles to help keep your boots upright while they’re stored in your closet, but it works.

Another tip included in the video shows a unique way for you to dispense your clean underwear using an empty baby wipes container.

Now, I ask you, who would have thought of that?

Still another tip is for those who may not know how to fold a T-shirt. The video offers you simple steps to fold one quick and easy.

What about hanging up sweaters? Do you know how to hang up sweaters without stretching out the shoulders? The video gives you quick tips for that too.

As I said earlier, the video has now been viewed OVER 333 MILLION TIMES!


Here’s the video:

Amazing isn’t it?

The video is barely one and a half minutes long, but it was viewed over 333 MILLION times….and still growing.

It’s a rather simple video on how to help you with your clutter. From your underwear and T-shirts, to your sweaters, socks and boots, the video gives you several very inexpensive and common but creative ideas to help you organize these items.

Not bad.

What were some other popular videos that were on Facebook?

Well, there was a Buzzfeed Tasty video showing you how to regrow fruit in your kitchen (294 million), a recipe for baked apple roses (280 million) and a prank video for the movie Rings (332million).

Kind of interesting isn’t it? What people will watch on Facebook?

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