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Trump: Repeal ObamaCare Now! Replace it Later!

Trump: Repeal ObamaCare Now! Replace it Later!


Trump: Repeal ObamaCare Now! Replace it Later!

Trump: Repeal ObamaCare Now! Replace it Later!

On Friday, President Trump said Republicans should just repeal ObamaCare and replace it later if they are unable to agree on healthcare legislation.

In doing so, he appeared to offer support for an ObamaCare idea that conservative lawmakers, including Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), have floated in recent days.

The call for action comes days after GOP Senate leadership postponed a procedural vote on their healthcare overhaul in the face of sinking support.

Senator Rand Paul has also proposed the idea of passing repeal first and then separately working on replacement, and praised Trump’s suggestion.

The conservatives say their repeal now and replace later plan is a way to make sure the GOP keeps its promise to repeal the law before worrying about the harder task of replacement. It’s likely a nonstarter with moderate Republicans, however, who fear it would leave too many without coverage.

It comes on the heels of Senate Democrats Republicans jplacing one of the big detestable items back in TrumpCare, the penalty for not having health insurance.

Senate Republicans on Monday released a revised version of their healthcare reform bill that adds a provision requiring consumers with a break in coverage to wait six months before buying insurance.

Just repeal it!!!

I am so done with these morons. The problem with ObamaCare was not Obama, it was the federal government sticking their nose in healthcare in the first place. Might as well leave ObamaCare or just go to single payer.

The problem with ObamaCare, TrumpCare, and single payer are all the same problem. These idiots have lost their minds.

I stand where I always have…including 8 years ago.

Open state lines. Then walk away. If you need to help the needy… help them and don’t disrupt everyone else’s healthcare to do it.

Might as well leave Obamacare because the federal government cannot micromanage and no matter how ‘wonderful’ the program, it will cost more than stated and create more problems than it fixes. At least the Dems own Obamacare.

How repeal turned into repeal and replace is beyond me. Stupid. Now repeal and replace has turned into just trim around the edges.

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