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Executed for changing lanes: driver sought who killed 18 year-old girl with one bullet to the head


Executed for changing lanes: driver sought who killed 18 year-old girl with one bullet to the head

Executed for changing lanes: driver sought who killed 18 year-old girl with one bullet to the head

In West Chester, Pennsylvania, a beautiful 18-year-old girl named Bianca Nikol Roberson merged into traffic on a highway and it was the last thing she ever did. She was driving southbound late Wednesday afternoon when she had a fatal encounter with a man in a red pickup truck. They both merged into the same lane and were jockeying for a position on the road. The man is reportedly white with blonde hair and this teenager was black if that makes any difference at all here. The man flew into a rage and pulled out a gun. He shot Roberson in the head and then fled the scene. She lost control of the car and it crashed into a wooded area. Bianca was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bianca was on her way home from the mall when this happened. And now the hunt is on for her killer. District Attorney Thomas Hogan started Thursday night at a press conference: “This was a totally random, senseless act of violence.” Authorities initially thought she had merely lost control of her car and crashed. But when they got to her, they saw she had been shot in the head. There is video footage of the event and numerous witnesses.

The official description of the man who shot Bianca is a white male with blond or light brown hair, between 30 and 40 years old with a medium build. He was driving a red Chevrolet truck with faded paint. The two cars did not hit each other, so there was no paint transference. That also means the truck did not sustain any damage during the incident. The killer sped off at high speed after shooting the girl.

Bianca’s family said that she was on her way home from the mall where she was shopping for clothes for college with her mom and grandmother. “She was a good girl, honor roll student, looking forward to going to college,” said her father, Rodney Roberson, trying not to break down in tears. Bianca’s brother stated she was “headed for greatness.” Her life was cut far too short over something as stupid as changing lanes.

Bianca graduated high school just three weeks ago. She was going to attend Jacksonville University this fall. Police Chief Joseph Gleason sadly stated, “A young lady in the prime of her life getting ready to go off to college, and now the family has to consider burying her.” It just shouldn’t be this way. I can’t imagine what her parents are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with them over this.

The Roberson family is pleading with her killer to have a conscience and turn himself in. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. Perhaps someone will come forward and do that for him. This same family lost Bianca’s older brother four years ago due to heart disease. He was only 22 years-old. No family should have to go through this much loss, this fast and for such a senseless reason. “It’s an angel that’s gonna be missed. But as hard as it is, she’s there with her brother,” her aunt, Mari Hatton-Hayes said.

Anyone who knows anything about the incident is being asked to call the West Goshen Police Department Traffic Safety Division. Police have now expanded the search to include three states. I hope they catch the dirtbag that did this and he should get put down over this. What a monster.

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