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Pregnant Woman Runs Down A Purse Snatcher: ‘I wasn’t going to let him get away with it’ [VIDEO]


Pregnant Woman Runs Down A Purse Snatcher: ‘I wasn’t going to let him get away with it’ [VIDEO]

Pregnant Woman Runs Down A Purse Snatcher: ‘I wasn’t going to let him get away with it’ [VIDEO]

This is why you don’t mess with a pregnant woman. Christine Braswell, 26, saw a man in a Walmart parking lot going through her SUV that he had broken into. He stole her purse and other valuables. She started to chase the man on foot, but being five-months pregnant, she gave up on that tactic. Then she got into her and ran him down, right and proper, saying he wasn’t going to get away with it.

The thief’s name is Robert Raines and this happened in Asheville, North Carolina. All of this was caught on video. Unfortunately, dealing out this kind of justice gets you arrested, pregnant or not, and Christine is now having to answer for her feel-good moment. Braswell told ABC’s News 13: “He was with my purse and he took off and I took off after him. Me being five months pregnant, I chased a little ways then come back, jumped in the car, threw it in gear and come across the curb and ran him over. I was not going to let him get away with it. It’s not right, it’s not fair.” My first reaction when I saw this was… is the guy dead?

When Braswell caught Raines ransacking her SUV, they had a confrontation before he ran off topless across the parking lot. When Christine hit him from behind, her purse and all his ill-gotten goods went flying sky high. She wasn’t kidding around in the least here and hit him hard.

Raines was taken to the hospital, but only had minor injuries and is expected to fully recover. Pity. The ironic part here is that Christine is likely to be charged more heavily than this asshat for what he did. He’s being charged with breaking and entering, larceny and misdemeanor damage to property. That last charge is because he broke the screens on Braswell’s iPad and her phone. Christine was charged with misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon for running this asshat over.

Look, there is a hard and fast rule that most in the gun community live by… or at least those with common sense do. If someone is stealing your stuff, report it, but don’t go after them. The only time you do something like this is if your life or your family’s lives are in danger. That is why you should always be armed. And if you need to use a gun, use it for real… take down the bad guy. Although I can certainly understand Christine going after this guy over her stuff, it’s not worth her going to jail for it or risking her life because of material items that can be replaced. That’s just my viewpoint.

I’m glad he got caught though… frankly, I would have had no sympathy for him if he taken a permanent dirt nap over this. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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