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A nuclear power station holds bikini contest for internship positions


A nuclear power station holds bikini contest for internship positions

A nuclear power station holds bikini contest for internship positions

The process of hiring interns can be long and difficult for both the company and the applicants, but for most companies, that process normally doesn’t include a bikini competition. The appearance of the potential interns should hold little weight with their ability to perform the job, especially when the company looking for interns is a nuclear power station.

Taking to social media, a Czech nuclear power station decided to leave the selection of its intern to Facebook fans. Employees of the power station had narrowed the field down to ten applicants and presumably because they couldn’t decide who to pick, they dressed them in bikinis and hard hats. Photos of the applicants were then posted to the station’s Facebook page where fans could vote on just who they thought would be the best intern for a nuclear station.

Whichever of the ten applicants received the highest number of likes would then be awarded an internship, hopefully where they would be able to dress a little more appropriately. All ten women were recent high school graduates and were vying to be crowned ‘Miss Energy 2017’ to earn the two-week internship.

The company may not have thought their screening process through before implementing it. “We think photographs are very tasteful, the combination of beauty and the industrial environment gives an interesting result.” Said the company via their Facebook as they put up the photos of the young women.

The power station was almost immediately slammed for their lack of insight, with users questioning how someone looked in swimwear had anything to do with a professional career opportunity.
Thankfully it didn’t take the company very long to realize that maybe posting photos of women in bikinis was not the best way to promote nuclear energy. The plant apologized two days after the initial post and removed the photographs.

As for the potential interns? All ten of them were offered to work with the company, making one internship into ten. The apologetic post from the company read; “The purpose of the competition was to promote technical education, but if the original vision raised doubts or concerns, we are very sorry.”

Makes your internship look a little brighter, doesn’t it?

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