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Watch as hikers are rescued from dangerous Emerald Pools trail


Watch as hikers are rescued from dangerous Emerald Pools trail

Watch as hikers are rescued from dangerous Emerald Pools trail

California – The Emerald Pools trail, is a well-known trail that contains beautiful views of cliffs, pools of water pouring over granite, waterfalls and slot canyons. Though it may sound like a peaceful and wonderful place to spend an afternoon, it is a dangerous area.

Emerald Pools trails are places where death by falling or by drowning after being pulled by the strong current is not unheard of. Hikers and swimmers brave the dangers just to get a look at the beautiful area and if they are not careful, can be taking their lives into their own hands.

Kalani Tuiono was lucky. California Highway Patrol responded to a call for help, Tuiono had been swept downstream by the powerful current and needed help. The police dispatched a helicopter to try to find him, and after a thirty-minute search, they did. Tuiono was sitting on a rock in the water, just in front of a waterfall that had a 50-foot drop.

Although it was a difficult rescue because of just where Tuiono was positioned, the California Highway Patrol managed to hoist him up. The daring rescue was caught on film by the CHP, and you can watch it for yourself to see just how lucky Tuiono was to be pulled up.

Not only was Tuiono rescued but somehow, whether by luck or by skill, he came away with only minor cuts and scratches. To add to the story Tuiono’s girlfriend had to be rescued by police only a few hours later. She had been climbing and ended up being stranded on a ledge. Both of them suffered minimal injuries and are considered lucky to have been rescued at all.

When hiking and climbing it’s probably a good idea to know the terrain or to take safety precautions to avoid tragedy, thankfully this story had a happy ending.

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