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VIDEO: Humpback Whale Lurches From Ocean, Snaps Its Jaws Within Feet From The Boat!


VIDEO: Humpback Whale Lurches From Ocean, Snaps Its Jaws Within Feet From The Boat!

VIDEO: Humpback Whale Lurches From Ocean, Snaps Its Jaws Within Feet From The Boat!

Talk about exhilarating! OMG! This is like a modern day ‘Moby Dick’ tale!

Can you imagine yourself out in a boat in the water off the shores of New Jersey and suddenly you see the jaws of one of the largest mammals in the world just feet away from you?

Talk about being scared shitless! Or should I say…Holy cow! That is a close encounter of the third kind!

A humpback whale on average weighs about 40 tons and is 40-50 feet long. We’re talking about one massive. giant mammal!

Paul Ziolkowski from Union Beach, New Jersey was out in his 9 ft. fishing boat when this dramatic event occurred in the New York Harbor.

This enormous humpback whale just suddenly lurched out of the ocean, within reach of Mr. Ziolkowski’s boat. The massive mammal opened its jaws within feet from the side of his boat.

Mr. Ziolkowski stated,

‘This definitely was one of the craziest experiences in my life and I’ve had many.”

Ziolkowski continued,

“That humpback was chasing bunker [a type of fish] all the way up to the side, jumped out of the water and tapped the hull […] knocking bunker into the boat.”

As you watch the video, others are heard yelling and cursing following the heart-stopping moment.

Talk about a ‘whale of a tale’! Got ’em! Got ’em!

This video has viral and garnered nearly 150,000 views on Facebook since June 23.

Amazingly enough, no one was injured in this event or …close encounter of the mammal kind.

Mr. Ziolkowski and the rest of the passengers on the fishing boat were very lucky to be unscathed by this enormous creature.

Here’s a few interesting facts about humpbacks:

  • Humpbacks are found in the Northern Hemisphere
  • They can reach up to an average length of 49-52 ft.
  • Females are usually larger in length than their males.
  • The average mature humback adult is 35-5o tons.
  • A humpback can breach (jump out of the water)

In addition, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: 

  • In the summer, humpbacks are found in high latitude feeding grounds, such as the Gulf of Maine in the Atlantic and Gulf of Alaska in the Pacific.
  • In the winter, they migrate to calving grounds in subtropical or tropical waters, such as the Dominican Republic in the Atlantic and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific.
  • Humpback whales travel great distances during their seasonal migration, the farthest migration of any mammal.
  • The longest recorded migration was 11,706 miles (18,840 km), with a trek from American Samoa to the Antarctic Peninsula.
  • One of the more closely studied routes is between Alaska and Hawaii, where humpbacks have been observed making the 3,000 mile (4,830 km) trip in as few as 36 days.
  •  Humpbacks filter feed on tiny crustaceans (mostly krill), plankton, and small fish and can consume up to 3,000 pounds (1,360 kg) of food per day.

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