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Kim Kardashian ‘Mom-Shamed After Posting Pic of Saint West on Facebook!


Kim Kardashian ‘Mom-Shamed After Posting Pic of Saint West on Facebook!

Kim Kardashian ‘Mom-Shamed After Posting Pic of Saint West on Facebook!

Reality Star Kim Kardashian, 36, is someone who really needs no introduction. Afterall, when you’re worth over $53 million anybody who’s anyone knows her. Her social media presence alone would put most of us to shame – 53.9 million followers on Twitter and 30 million followers on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, on Saturday Kim Kardashian took a little heat from several of her followers after she posted a picture of her son, Saint West in his car seat. You might even say her followers got into a little ‘mommy-shaming’ with the reality star.

Her curly-haired little guy was just sitting there as cute as could be, staring at Kim as she took the photo, strapped into his car seat with his red Paw Patrol sippy cup next to him.

As I’m sure Kim was aware, the laws in California state, “Children under 2 years of age shall ride in a rear-facing seat, unless the child weighs 40 or more pounds OR is 40 or more inches tall.”

Well, as you can imagine, the photo Kim posted of Saint West sitting in his car seat, showed her son facing…of all things… FORWARD!

Gasp! OMG!

It was then that Kim’s followers blasted her with comments on her post on Facebook.  In fact, at the time of this article be written, Kim has received over 164,000 comments on her post of the photo.  Her critics thought Saint West, should be in a rear-facing car seat.

Saint is 18-months-old.

However, according to the California Highway Patrol  website, which states,

‘the child shall be secured in a manner that complies with the height and weight limits specified by the manufacturer of the car seat.’

Here are just a few of the comments posted on Kim Kardashian’s page following her post of Saint West on Facebook:

Sarah Jimenez oh no watch out here comes the car seat police to try and lecture you on how to put your child in a car seat ???? go worry about your own child and let the woman post a picture of her handsome little boy.

Margaret Diaz he is so cute let’s protect this handsome boy by making sure is rear facing

Briana Russell He’s big enough to not be in a rear facing car seat anymore. He’s gonna be 2 in a few months, he looks plenty big enough to be foreword facing

Emily Rozelle In CA it is state law to rear face until two years old.

Kerstin Walling It’s illegal to forward face before 2 in many states, California included. Ideally you don’t turn them until they max out the RF limits of the seat

Susie Horne But how do you know she isnt sitting next to him in the backseat?

Julie Anne I have an almost 3 year old that has been front facing since she was big enough to be however I just read that even until age 4 it is safest to stay rear facing, and that I can even chose to turn my seat back around. As mothers, we should really support each other and not criticize every single thing another mom does – no matter who she is. Front facing or rear facing, at least she got the safety clips right this time! Let’s show some support and give a little credit where credit is due. Every mom does things differently. Doesn’t make it right or wrong.

Tiffany Aviz Yes thing happen , and god forbid a accident but I’m pretty sure there aren’t recklessly driving with a kid in the car .. a simple beautiful picture always has to have some criticism on how to raise or care for your child… phst last time I checked ; she pushed him out !!

Stacia Johnson Hey car seat police….. go weigh the kid and see how tall he is, then you can have an opinion. Go hide behind your keyboards and computer screens and continue to find things to troll about. Remember when you were a kid and didn’t have car seats? Get a life. Not your kid, not your problem.

Sagar Deo Hi All, I actually work for an expert on this topic (car seat safety). National Safety Council what is the safest way for this car seat to be configured to keep this wonderful young 18 month old nice and safe?

Karra Anne Needs to be rear facing. Ossification of vertebrae doesn’t happen until between 4-6 years. A one year old can be internally decapitated, which is almost always fatal, by just a quarter-inch stretch in their neck from an accident. Please rear face your children until they max out the seat, usually either 40 or 50 lbs.

Bri Marie Give her a break can’t she feel normal posting her child without everyone shaming her. It’s her child, and how does anybody know his weight & height, even if he’s not of height or weight, what if he’s uncomfortable with his feet smashed against the seat while rear facing?

As I said, these are just some of the comments of the over 164,000 that were posted. If you wish to read more. Click here.

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