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Woman asked to leave pool for ‘inappropriate’ swimsuit, citing it might excite boys

woman asked to leave pool for inappropriate swimsuit


Woman asked to leave pool for ‘inappropriate’ swimsuit, citing it might excite boys

Woman asked to leave pool for ‘inappropriate’ swimsuit, citing it might excite boys

In Knoxville, Tennessee, a woman went swimming at a public pool. She was wearing a one-piece pink bathing suit. After three minutes or so, two leasing agents approached her and told her she would need to leave because her swimsuit was inappropriate and might excite teenage boys. I frankly see nothing wrong with the swimsuit. They claimed it acted like a thong. When wet, it rides high on the backside, but then again, so do most wet bathing suits. Tori Jenkins was shocked over the confrontation at her apartment complex and I don’t blame her. She was then told to pose for photos to show how inappropriate the bathing suit was.

Tori is 20 years-old and was humiliated over this. Her boyfriend, Tyler Newman, was incensed and posted the story and pictures online to show what was going on. She’s gotten a lot of sympathy over this and I can see why. It’s not like this was an actual thong bikini. The suit covered her modestly for the most part. It was a consultant who called her to the leasing office for pictures – which, by the way, I find totally inappropriate. It’s like she was actually leering at this woman. She said she wanted her to see the problem for herself. “I know what I look like, I bought this myself, it’s not a thong,” Jenkins responded. Then the consultant accused her of somehow misunderstanding the entire situation because she was not a mother and that she wouldn’t want her around her children. Perchance is this woman a religious fanatic? Just asking. She went on to point out that a normal bathing suit ‘covers the whole butt’. No, it typically doesn’t anymore and hasn’t for many, many years.

So what would they have women wear into the pool? A burqini? Shorts and t-shirts? This is just whacked. I think the only people ‘excited’ by the swimsuit were the employees of the apartment complex. Tori was with five of her friends and her fiance at the pool. I find it highly suspect that these people singled her out of all the women there in bathing suits to do this to. You can bet many other swimsuits were more revealing than this one. And it gets even worse.

The woman in the office told Tori that she was more curvy than other women (goes towards my pervert and shaming theory) and that because of that, she needs to wear a ‘normal bathing suit’, whatever that means. She said it should ‘cover the whole butt’. Tori then was humiliated further into saying her behind was larger than others and that explains why the bathing suit she got from Forever 21 rode up a bit more. This is clearly sexual harassment and I think Tori should sue over this. It’s also body-shaming as the manager is clearly calling her fat. It’s offensive.

Many supported Tori online, but many made fun of the way she looks and made inappropriate sexual comments. She was forced to take some of the pics down. I feel for this girl. She did nothing wrong… it gets very hot in Tennessee and she pays $1000 a month in rent and then $300 for the use of the pool. Then this. She probably can’t afford a lawsuit over this, but I hope the bad publicity for the Smoking Cross Apartments gets the manager fired and their policies for the pool reevaluated.

Tyler Newman’s original post as it appeared on Facebook

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