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ROAD RAGE: Men on stolen dirt bike killed after owner hunts them down in a minivan


ROAD RAGE: Men on stolen dirt bike killed after owner hunts them down in a minivan

ROAD RAGE: Men on stolen dirt bike killed after owner hunts them down in a minivan

There’s a rule that gun owners pretty much follow out there… if someone takes something material of yours, let them go. If your life or your family’s life is threatened, then you meet force with force. This story doesn’t involve guns, but it is the same premise. Two black young men, ages 19 and 20, stole a white guy’s dirt bike in Long Island on Thursday. The owner got blindingly angry, rounded up a friend and they both took off after the guys in a minivan. When it was all over and done with, the thieves were dead and the owner and his friend were under arrest. Stupid.

The owner of the dirt bike was traveling in the opposite direction of the stolen dirt bike when he came across the thugs that took it. He swerved across the yellow line to cut off these two guys. They hit the van. The two thieves were sent flying. One died on impact. The other was sent to a hospital in critical condition and later succumbed to his injuries. No sympathy here for these criminals… in my book, no big loss. But the owner of the dirt bike is an anger case and a moron. He is currently being charged with Reckless Endangerment. But I would not be surprised to see that bumped up to some form of manslaughter or worse, if authorities deem that he hit them deliberately, instead of just trying to stop them.

Making matters even worse, when the police arrived, the dirt bike was partially loaded into the back of the minivan. That makes it look like they were loading the bike and were then going to take off. The owner should have alerted the police concerning where the bike was and not engaged the thieves. It’s not worth killing people and throwing your life away. You can replace a dirt bike, but you can’t get back years of your life behind bars. Plus, the guys in the minivan could have been killed pulling this stunt as well.

The driver of the minivan was identified as Mastic Beach resident Christopher Bouchard. One of the victims is 19-year-old Keenen King. The other is 20-year-old Anthony Garriques. The dirt bike was stolen three hours before the confrontation and the crash. I’m not sure how they even found the thieves unless there was an anti-theft device on the bike somewhere, but they did. The crash shut down the highway for several hours. One account says the van cut the thieves off and they hit it. Another has witnesses saying the van slammed into the bike head-on, sending both men flying. From the look of the front of the van, that looks to be what happened here.

In New York, First Degree Reckless Endangerment is a felony that can get you up to seven years in prison. That’s if this guy didn’t mean to hit and kill these two asshats. If he did, that’s a whole other ball game. Either way, because of anger over a dirt bike… this guy’s life is ruined and two people are dead.

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