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AWKWARD! Watch Ellen Catch Audience Member Stealing And Then Calls Her Out For It Live On Air!!


AWKWARD! Watch Ellen Catch Audience Member Stealing And Then Calls Her Out For It Live On Air!!

AWKWARD! Watch Ellen Catch Audience Member Stealing And Then Calls Her Out For It Live On Air!!

Busted! You have to admit this is funny. Ellen DeGeneres is known for catching people in the act and surprising the heck out of them. But she’s also known for her charity and giving. In the spirit of both endeavors, she laid out an area of free ‘stuff’ for her audience. Her only rule was one item per person. The overwhelming majority of her audience were incredibly honest and honored the rule. Except for two women… one in particular, who were caught on camera stealing. Hilarity ensues. Ellen told the audience: “Any of you could have taken more than one thing, and you didn’t. Except for these ladies right here.”

There was all kinds of merchandise to choose from: hats, mugs, shirts, shot glasses… one woman clearly wanted more than one item, but you can see her on camera saying that she would buy the second piece of flair. Ellen honored her for her honesty and gave her the cap she was going to buy as a thank you. Then we come to one of the women who took more than what was allowed… and she had the nerve to sit in the audience like nothing happened. She took a pencil, shot glass, t-shirt, hat and mug. Her friend took a similar number of items. Ellen laughed and awkwardly called her out for her misdeeds. She was then publicly placed in the ‘Ellen Jail’, which consists of a high steel chair up front and center to enhance the name and shame factor.

The woman justified her behavior on air by saying it was for her sister who couldn’t come and Ellen pointed out that a lot of ‘sisters’ couldn’t come to the show. Man, you really have to be a dolt to pull something like this around Ellen DeGeneres, when everyone knows she’s the ‘gotcha queen’. How thunderously embarrassing. This woman said to her partner in crime, “No one will see it.” Seriously? Ellen asked her what she does when she goes to Costco or Walmart, insinuating that she may be a shoplifter. If the merchandise fits… I don’t blame her for hinting at that, because it is appropriate considering this woman’s behavior. She also said ‘Nancy’ was the kind of person at Halloween who grabs as much candy as she can and keeps coming back for more. Yep, that’s her.

Ellen was trying to teach Nancy a lesson. I doubt it will take, but who knows? This woman stole several items, encouraged her friend to steal and then came back and exchanged a mug for a hat. No shame at the time and no hesitation. That’s not the sign of a good person in my book. “Let that be a lesson to you,” Ellen said. “You think nobody’s watching you and you just need to be a good person, just because you want to be a good person.” When it comes right down to it, either you are a good and honest person or you aren’t. Nancy is not and Ellen made a hilarious example of her for it. No sympathy for this woman whatsoever.

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