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HORROR: Award-winning matador, Ivan Fandino, tragically gored to death by bull


HORROR: Award-winning matador, Ivan Fandino, tragically gored to death by bull

HORROR: Award-winning matador, Ivan Fandino, tragically gored to death by bull

Bullfighting is a traditional blood sport that has made Spain famous, but is practiced in many countries. Bullfighting is a physical contest that generally involves attempting to publicly subdue, immobilize, or kill a bull, usually according to a set of rules. It’s a traditional sport in many countries including Spain, Portugal, parts of southern France, India and Tanzania, and some Latin American countries (Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru).

A 36 year-old famous matador from Spain, Ivan Fandino, was tragically gored to death by a bull in Mont-de-Marsan, France. He tripped on his cape and the bull impaled him on his horn. The horn pierced his lung and they say his heart stopped in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. It is a monstrous loss for the sport and many are just crushed by this terrible tragedy. Fandino leaves behind a wife and daughter. He hailed from Orduna in Bizkaia, Spain. He dreamed of becoming a bullfighter from the age of 14, even though it was not a family tradition. Fandino finally made his debut in 2005.

From the Daily Mail:

A 36-year-old matador has been killed by a bull in France after tripping on his cape and being impaled by a horn.

Prize bullfighter Ivan Fandino, who had been a professional for 12 years, died in hospital after suffering from a punctured lung yesterday.

The Spaniard, from the Basque region, leaves behind a wife and daughter after his death in the bullring at Mont-de-Marsan, France.

‘It’s a tragedy,’ said a shocked colleague. ‘We just do not know how it could have happened.’

Horrified spectators looked on as Fandino tripped and was gored by the bull, which also launched him into the air.

He was using his cape in a turn to engage and distract the specially-bred fighting bull, and the animal then pierced the matador’s side with one of his horns.

His wounds were so serious, it is understood his heart stopped while he was in an ambulance.

Tributes are flooding in on the social network sites, with rancher Victorino Martin tweeting: ‘Our friend and great bullfighter Ivan Fandino dies in France. A great loss for the world of bullfighting. We are dismayed.’

Bullfighting is one of the most dangerous sports on the planet and many matadors have lost their lives while confronting bulls in the ring. Spectators saw the whole horrific occurrence play out as they sat in their seats. Fandino was using his cape to try and distract the bull, when somehow it became entangled and he tripped on it. That was just long enough for the bull to take revenge on him. He is the second bullfigher to die in the arena in the last year. Victor Barrio was killed after being gored by a bull in front of spectators last July, the first time since the early 1990s a professional matador had died in the ring in Spain.

Fandino had been invited to take part in the 18th celebration of the San Isidro Fair. Of course, the minute he was killed, the Humane Society International was right there calling for an end to the sport. Not surprised. The sport is a protected tradition in parts of southern France. It’s not a sport I would watch, but it is part of their culture there. And yes, it is incredibly dangerous… but I think the Humane Society International and PETA should keep their nose out of this and their opinions to themselves. Especially since a man was just killed. It’s a sad day in France and Spain today. Let them grieve in peace.

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