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IRONY ALERT: Skittles Issues All-White Candy for Pride Month and Is Nailed for Racism


IRONY ALERT: Skittles Issues All-White Candy for Pride Month and Is Nailed for Racism

IRONY ALERT: Skittles Issues All-White Candy for Pride Month and Is Nailed for Racism

This is just hilarious! Skittles decided to celebrate gay pride month by removing all the colors from their candy. Their motto is: “Taste the Rainbow.” This left only white Skittles to celebrate with. Social justice warriors on Twitter immediately cried racism. Ironically, to honor a diverse group, Skittles made a move that came off as a white supremacy stunt to some out there. Let the trolling begin!

White is either the lack of color or the combination of all colors in the light spectrum. It seems ironic that people are outraged by this. I have to say though that as a PR move, it was really, really, really moronic in the hyper-politicized climate we live in now. They would have been better off taking the colors of the gay rainbow flag and limiting their colors to that, or some other promotional stunt. I still think this is too funny.

From HeatStreet:

Skittles’s marketing department had a genius idea to celebrate Pride Month: remove their trademarked “rainbow” of colors from their candy out of respect for the rainbow pride flag.

Unfortunately, it seems, Skittles’s marketing department failed to consult the Internet to see if their tribute was appropriate, and the all-white candy was immediately labeled “racist,” and a symbol of “white supremacy.

Although the white Skittles “controversy” seems ripe for trolling, it appears all of the above Twitter users were being completely serious.

It’s an odd thing to get angry about, of course. White is merely the absence of color. When Skittles removed the color, they were left with plain-looking candies. The real tragedy here is that, with these limited edition Skittles packs, it’s now impossible to differentiate one color from another, so you can’t filter out the gross lime-flavored ones.

Fortunately for Skittles, there are enough Skittles lovers out there to give the brand some cover and provide a robust defense. Sales of the all-white Skittles packages also benefit pro-LGBT charities, so the company isn’t simply making a political statement without backing it up with action.

Not everything white is racist, y’all. This is just moronic. It does prove one thing though… there are a LOT of deeply stupid people out there that have no life. Just sayin’. Oh, and by the way… white Skittles is not a new thing – they were promoted last year to celebrate Obama declaring June “LGBT Pride Month.” But suddenly it’s racism and the left is obsessed with it. As Paul Joseph Watson states: “The fact that the candy is white has nothing to do with race and is, in fact, a nod to the kind of mindless, virtue-signalling identity politics that ‘Black Lives Matter’ supporters would normally embrace.” Bingo.

Behold social justice warriors eating their own. Everything is an offense. Nothing is safe anymore and insanity is the name of the game. Twitter liberals are asking since when does ‘whiteness’ mean equality? Since when doesn’t it? It means it just as much as black, red, yellow, blue or even green. Skittles are usually colorful, but the makers, Mars, says it is selling the blank version in the UK to send out the message that ‘during Pride, only one rainbow matters’ – meaning the LGBT rainbow.

Leave it to leftists to take yummy candy and turn it into a political dogfight. And Skittles should not be celebrating anything political… they are there to provide us yummy candy, not virtue signal the masses. A spokesman for Mars UK said: “The rainbow flag is the symbol of Pride, but the rainbow is also synonymous with Skittles. So to show our support Skittles has again given up its rainbow colors in order for Pride’s Rainbow to take center stage at the Pride in London parade. Any suggestion that this support for Pride is in any way racist is clearly wrong.” Can we just enjoy candy and not do this? Taste the rainbow, not be the rainbow.

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