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Professional Daredevil: World Record for Erendira Wallenda


Professional Daredevil: World Record for Erendira Wallenda

Professional Daredevil: World Record for Erendira Wallenda

Niagara Falls, Erendira Wallenda on Thursday night broke the world record for highest suspension over the falls. Erendira is a professional daredevil and aerialist with a family history of performing death-defying stunts. Five years ago (to the day) her husband Nik walked over the falls on at tightrope and to mark the anniversary, Erendira performed her own stunt by suspending herself by her teeth from an aerial hoop 300 feet above the deafening roar of the waterfall.

Not only was her stunt successful but she captured a Guinness World Record for height which, incidentally broke the record her husband Nik had previously set at 250 feet above Silver Dollar

City in Branson Missouri. Erendira and Nik have been married for 17 years, and both have a deep love of performing stunts.

To achieve her feat, Erendira was transported by helicopter while she sat inside the hoop. Once she arrived at her desired place, Erendira proceeded to warm up and delight spectators by performing acrobatic flips. After that, she used a mouthpiece to suspend herself from the hoop, then used only her feet to hang before repeating the incredible act with only her teeth. During the stunt, Erendira wore a safety harness due to New York State law which demands a safety harness for any stunt performed more than 20 feet up. Safety is paramount to these high-risk stunts as the family knows all too well having experienced their own tragedy. Back in 1978 one family member, unfortunately, died while performing a tightrope walking stunt between the two towers that make up the Condado Plaza Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Nik, in the meantime, was leaning out of the helicopter wearing headphones so he could communicate with the pilot as well as monitor the progress of his wife and watch for signs that the stunt was going wrong. Their concern for safety is warranted as with a history of family daredevils there have unfortunately been some instances where the stunts have gone wrong. In Nik’s case, he had been attempting a high wire stunt back in February to create an eight-person pyramid. Some of whom slipped causing the pyramid to collapse, Nik and three others managed to grab onto the wire while the remaining performing fell. Nik did manage to confirm during a press conference that while the performers did suffer some injuries they were all either training or back to performing once more.

Once she had achieved her world record, Erendira was flown back to the roof of the Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino all while sitting on the hoop and waving to the crowd of people who had been watching her stunt armed with cameras.

While speaking to reporters, Erendira said; “I just had to put myself back to my backyard training, and I felt good enough that I was able to hang by my teeth a second time.” During her stunt, Erendira said she couldn’t hear the roar of the falls over the music she was listening to although she was a little surprised at just how much the wind made her hoop shake. “I probably would want to spend all day long up there; it was a beautiful and amazing experience.”

Don’t have time to watch the whole video? Start at 07:41.

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