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Married man spends $76k to look like prefect woman. Here’s what she looks like now


Married man spends $76k to look like prefect woman. Here’s what she looks like now

Married man spends $76k to look like prefect woman. Here’s what she looks like now

Not everyone out there could ever hope to be as supportive as Marisa was of her husband’s drastic transformations over the years. At 56 years old, Fulvia Pellegrino is a transgender who has recently spent over 76,000$ to achieve her goal of looking like the perfect woman. With more than 150 surgeries under her belt, Fulvia’s transformation has been nothing short of dramatic.

Born Fulvio, by age 15 she began to understand that she was in fact transgender. Due to fear of persecution from a religious family, however, Fulvia remained silent about her desire to transition. Fulvia didn’t even tell wife Marisa that she was transgender when they were married 32 years ago. Once they married, Fulvia began to cross-dress in secret and started to visit gay bars.

As far as any interaction with the public went, Fulvia showed the world an alpha male persona. The type of person who spent money on firearms and luxury cars. 16 years ago, Fulvia decided to reveal her secret to wife Marisa. Marisa must no doubt have been shocked by the news, and she did end up having to see a psychologist help her overcome her initial emotions.

However the initial reveal happened, the two have since worked it out and are in fact still married. Although today Fulvia and Marisa live together more as sisters than as a married couple.

Unfortunately, not everyone was willing to overlook their surprise at Fulvia’s transition; her family was anything but supportive and in some cases downright unkind about what must have been a difficult time. Her family went as far as to keep her from attending her own father’s funeral.

Today Fulvia remains unemployed, and the couple is forced to survive off of Marisa’s small income. To pay for hormone therapy treatments, lip, and cheekbone fillers as well as breast and butt implants, Fulvia had to sell her luxury cars and expensive firearms.

Fulvia spends $76k in plastic surgery to look like a woman



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    July 20, 2019 at 10:44 am

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