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You won’t believe what this neighbor did for this disabled vet

Neighbor buys John Deere for disabled vet


You won’t believe what this neighbor did for this disabled vet

You won’t believe what this neighbor did for this disabled vet

After a night mission in Afghanistan saw Christopher Garrett, a former combat engineer, take a bullet to his gut his military career was over. Returning home as an injured vet can mean a long adjustment period where even everyday tasks seem out of reach, unimportant or just not worth doing. Unfortunately for Christopher one of the mundane tasks, he found difficult was mowing the lawn which he did once and sometimes twice a week. Christopher would be outside fighting his way through the chore with only the help of an old-fashioned push mower that he often struggled with.

Since Christopher is disabled, the task was harder on him than it would be for others but he still got the job done despite the difficulty. Until one day that is, when his wife Brittany found her husband outside crying. Although he didn’t appear to be injured, Brittany asked her husband what was going on, and saw a letter that would end up brightening both their day.

The letter was simple and printed off of a computer by a neighbor who remains anonymous even now. Two simple sentences and a thank you read, ‘I hope this saves time for the things that matter most in your life. Thank you for your service and my freedom. Sincerely, a grateful American’. The grateful American neighbor had decided to buy Christopher a brand new John Deer riding mower, something that would surely save the ex-solider lots of time and help him get through at least one of those chores that most of us do without thinking about, just a little bit easier.

With what seems like a small gesture of gratitude to one man for doing his part, Christopher now has far more time to spend with his wife and to focus on being a father. The Garrett family was shocked by the gift and even more so by the inability to thank whoever gave them such a wonderful gift.

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